Peru Company Registration Services

Ranked as the 43rd easiest place in the world to do business by the World Bank, Peru is a safe country to do business in Latin America thanks to the low risk economy. Being the third largest country in South America, Peru is rich in natural resources and strategically positioned as a regional transport hub.

Peru has the highest growth rate and the lowest inflation rate in Latin America over the last decade or so. Although corruption does affect the government activity and bureaucracy in the public sector does exists, that has not hindered Peru from becoming a place of interest for investors for are seeking on taking a step into the Peru company registration world.


Peru Company Registration ServicesThe Benefits and Challenges of Peru Company Registration

Peru’s business registration is cost effective thanks to the low government registration fees and the absence of having to pay a minimum capital upon attempting to register a company.

Another benefit that investors would gain by registering a company in Peru includes Peru’s access to a wide network of double taxation treaties that the country has signed. Registering a company in Peru allows investors not just to do business legally in Peru, but also throughout the rest of South America.

A challenge that investors would be up against when it comes to registering a company in Peru includes that a company established in Peru would be subjected to tax on corporate profits. These tax rates are as high as 30% upon registration of the company, and profits distributed to non-residents of Peru are taxed a further 4.1%. Peru’s capital gains tax is also a whopping 30%, which is considered in the high range for business operations.

Another challenge would be that Peru’s ranking as the 43rd easiest place in the world to do business might not necessarily be viewed in a positive light by a lot of investors because 43rd is quite a long way down from the top spots. Unfortunately, Peru also has a ranking of being the 83rd least corrupted country in the world according to the Corruption Perceptions Index done by Transparency International.


The Peru Company Registration Process

To begin registering a company in Peru requires a minimum of one shareholder and one director, who would need to register the company in order to begin the business operations.

To begin registering a company in Peru, investors would need to:

  1. Ensure that the company name proposed is unique and get the name reserved online at the Peruvian Public Registry.
  2. Prepare the deed of incorporation online with a notary at the Portal Servicios Cuidadano y Empresas.
  3. Sign the deed of incorporation before a notary public and file the deed of incorporation online with the Public Register of Commerce.
  4. Obtain the Certificate of Registration and obtain a taxpayer identification number with the Tax Authority.
  5. Stamp the accounting book and the minute book with the Public Notary.
  6. Acquire a municipal license from the City Council.

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