United Kingdom Company Registration Services

Governments in countries all over the world will always be on the lookout for how to attract investors to establish a business in their local market. The more business investors bring into a certain country, the better the economy grows. New business ventures are especially desirable because they are innovative and a great way to create more jobs in the local market.

And when considering which market to set up a business in, why not consider one of the most reputable markets in the world – the UK. It’s internationally renowned legal system and highly-skilled labour force are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to reasons why investors are keen on establishing and registering a company in the UK.


Why Investors Should Consider UK Company Registration

United Kingdom Company Registration ServicesWhy is the UK appealing to the potential investor and entrepreneur? What makes it stand out and why should the investor consider building a business base in the country? There are several reasons as to why the investor should do so:

  • Forming a company in UK, one of the most well-known markets around the world, is reputable. UK has one of the most reputable trading economies in the world, with legal flexibility and clear governance rules that has helped boost its reputation to the status it currently is at.
  • UK has double taxation treaties with more than 100 countries around the world, which includes the US, Japan, China, Germany, Singapore, Canada and France and these treaties provide several advantages to support businesses that have its headquarters in the UK.
  • UK registered companies are simple to manage, as they only require one director and one shareholder to form a private company.
  • Because many of the document filings to form a company can be done online, it is easy for foreign investors and entrepreneurs to register a company in the UK remotely without complications.
  • UK has a corporate tax rate of about 20%, one of the lowest rates found in Europe next to Ireland.
  • Dividends which are paid to the UK registered company are generally exempted from tax.
  • The UK levies no withholding tax on dividends which are paid to foreign residents.
  • The UK is the 14th least corrupt country in the world, according to Transparency International.
  • The UK is ranked the 9th in the world by the World Economic Forum for their level of competitiveness.


How is UK Company Registration Managed?

The entity that manages the company registration process is called Companies House. Companies House is in charge of managing the company registration and they have jurisdiction in England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Foreigners are allowed to register a company in the UK, however, investors would need to take note that companies with any foreign resident directors or shareholders are only allowed to submit paper-based applications. Paper-based applications take more time to complete compared to the online application process, and they are also more susceptible to higher government fees.

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