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Businesses of any size can use joint ventures in order to strengthen business relationships or to collaborate on projects. A successful joint venture offers a great degree of benefits like access to new markets and distribution networks, improved capacity, risks management as well as access to greater resources, including professionals, technology and referral.


Benefits of Joint Venture

A joint venture will well help your business to grow faster through increased productivity and greater profits. One of the attractive points of this idea is that joint ventures are often able to grow without having to borrow funds or look for outside investors. In addition, you can use your joint venture partner’s customer database or strong distribution network in your product marketing, or offer your partner’s services and products to your existing customers.

Larger business might benefit from such joint ventures as they get to access to new products or intellectual property. Smaller businesses often want to access to a larger partner’s resources, like a strong distribution network, professionals and business resources.


How to Choose the Right Joint Venture Partner

Become a partner

Ideally, a partner in a joint venture is the one well-equipped with resources, skills and assets. Access the suitability of existing partners and customers is one of the good ways to determine the collaboration party.

We are a professional accounting firm with talents and experiences in the global market and strong network. However, we are not merely the accounting firm but a one-stop service provider with vast experiences in global markets.

We welcome any legal firm, accounting firm, consulting firm as well as secretary firm to be our partners, collaborate and work together through this Venture Overseas Platform. Rest assured, the joint ventures will help our customers to expand overseas easily due to the strong network of professionals. We will sign a simple memorandum of understanding so that both parties are always on the same page (A clear agreement is an essential part of building a good relationship).

It’s our mission to help business to expand globally and to gain a firm footing in foreign markets. Join us and be our partner today!


What would you gain from the Joint Venture?

You are guaranteed with tones of benefits through the joint venture. First of all, you can be sure that your clients will receive the highest quality service, and you will be rewarded for any business you refer to us through our industry-leading referral fee plan.

If you worry the obstacles that you might encounter when you are looking for a global partner, please don’t let that stumble your plan. If you engage with us, we can help you to sort out the difficulties or furnish you the contact for you to refer. As such, this is the right decision that could save your time and access to a great network.

If you are interested or you know any client of yours (that has the high potential to join), you can always contact us for a no obligation discussion, or fill up the form below and we will contact you for further discussion.

Look forward to hearing from you soon!

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