Singapore Company Registration Services

A wonderfully diverse country strategically located in Asia that is brimming with a cutting-edge, competitive business environment, is it no wonder that Singapore is becoming a major target for investors and businesses.


Why Singapore is the Perfect Location for a Business Setup

Singapore Company Registration ServicesSingapore’s location is the perfect business setup because:

  • It has a stable, booming economy
  • It was rated the easiest place in the world to do business by the World Bank
  • It has a sound financial system and cutting edge infrastructure
  • It’s strong trade investment makes it the most competitive Asian country
  • It has attractive corporate tax rates
  • It has a talented and highly educated workforce
  • It has a safe, comfortable living environment with a low crime rate


The Benefits of Registering a Company in Singapore

Aside from being ranked the easiest place in the world to do business, Singapore has also built a name for itself with its smooth-running bureaucracy system that aims to help operations run seamlessly to aid in business growth.

There are government agencies available which aim to help Singapore based businesses grow like the Economic Development Board, the Standards, Productivity and Innovation Board, and the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority for example.

Singapore’s flexible immigration policies also work in the favour of foreign investors who are looking to venture into the local business market. Singapore encourages professionals to invest in its growing economy by anticipating the needs of these professionals, which can easily be seen in the work visa provisions provided.

Singapore’s excellent quality of life is another strong magnet that is drawing investors to set up in this rich nation. With top quality healthcare, a superb public transportation system, safe living environment with low crime rates and excellent school systems, you could say it has everything you need for a great quality of life living.

One of Singapore’s strengths lies within its productive and world-class workforce, which is exactly what every business needs to succeed and thrive. The employees are the heart of the business and what keeps it running, which is why Singapore is invested in its education system, producing professionally qualified manpower at the end of the day.


Singapore Company Registration Procedures

It is required that all businesses in Singapore to be registered with the Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority. This applies whether you’re an individual, corporation, locally based business or an international investor looking to dive into the business market in Singapore.

The Companies Act is responsible for governing all business registrations in Singapore. Registering a company in Singapore would entail the following processes:

  • A review of the eligibility requirements
  • Checking on the availability of the business name
  • Selecting a business structure
  • Selecting a business location
  • Understanding all the business permits and licenses that will be involved
  • Opening a corporate bank account for the business
  • Engaging a professional consultant for assistance

If you would like to register a company in Singapore, contact us for professional consultancy assistance and to view the full list of services we offer in this field.