Spain Company Registration Services

With a population of over 47 million people, Spain is one of the biggest consumer markets in the European Union, the 5th largest economy in the EU and one of the fastest growing economies in the Eurozone.

Spain is home several prominent international companies, and among the reasons these companies have chosen to set up a base in Spain include the fact that it is strategically positioned as the entry route into Latin America. Given the sheer size of the Spanish market and the fact that English is widely used there as a business language also had a part to play as to why companies have chosen to register a company in Spain.

Spain is also an easily accessible market, and the availability of low cost airlines as an option to access Spain has played a part in contributing to the country’s success at attracting foreign investments. Spain is also able to boast of its highly efficient transportation systems and the competitive costs to transport goods. Its advanced ICT networks has also helped boost its desirability as the next business hub to be in.


The Advantages of Spain Company Registration


spain company registration services

Registering a company in Spain can easily be done with a minimum start-up capital of 3,000 Euro, and the registration process can easily be completed within a month even if the investor is not based in Spain or travelling to Spain at the time of registration.


To register a company in Spain requires the appointment of one director, but this director does not necessarily need to be residing in Spain or in the European Union at the time of appointment.


Registering a company in Spain can be summarized into seven steps, and it is advisable to enlist the help of experienced Spain company registration services agencies to assist with the incorporation process to ensure minimal errors are incurred along the way.


Spain Company Registration Process

To register a company in Spain, the following steps would need to be completed:

  • Get the proposed company name certified – The company name needs to be unique, and companies will be required to acquire the Certification of Uniqueness of the Company name through the Central Commercial Registry’s website
  • Opening a company bank account – This process can usually be completed within a day. Investors will be required to open a bank account, deposit the necessary capital and obtain a deposit certificate.
  • File a Single Electronic Document (DUE) – Investors will be required to file a DUE and make an appointment with the notary as the next step of the Spain company registration process.
  • Registered Public Deed of Incorporation & Fiscal Identification Number – Investors will be required to perform this step in front of a notary. The public deed will be granted by the notary within a week (approximately)
  • Pay the Municipal Tax for urban services – This step is required before the notification of the start of a business.
  • Submit notification of the start of business operations – The declaration must be made to the Town Council in accordance with an official model.
  • Notify the Ministry of Labour and Industry Operations – Notification must be given within the first 30 days of the start of operations.

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