France Company Registration Services

There are several reasons as to why an investor would consider opening a business in France. France, the 2nd largest market in the European Union after Germany, is enough reason alone for an investor to consider registering a company in France. After all, setting up in a large market place could only mean more business opportunities.

When it comes to company registration services in France, it is always best to seek the guidance of a professional services agency to manoeuvre you through the process. Setting up a business in a country that is foreign to you can be a daunting challenge, especially for the new entrepreneur just venturing into the business world.


France Company Registration ServicesFrance Company Registration – What It Involves

When it comes to company registration in France, the most commonly used business entity structure favoured by investors is the simplified joint stock company, also known as the SAS in France. The SAS is similar to an LLC and can be incorporated with just one director and one shareholder in place. The advantage that the SAS does offer investors, however, is that the directors may be corporate entities and there is no limit to the number of shareholders that a company registered under this entity may enlist.

The paid up capital to start a company in France is as low as €1, and it will require investors to first open a corporate bank account in France before they can begin any business dealings.


How Long Would It Take to Register a Company In France?

There are several steps that an investor would have to go through to register a company in France before business can begin to take off. The France company registration process and services is broken down into the following stages and the time taken to complete those stages:


  • Ensure that the company name is unique and not already in use at the Institute National de la Propriete Industrielle – Less than a day. This procedure can be completed online.
  • Pay the minimum paid up capital – 1 Day
  • Publish a notice of the incorporation of your company with newspapers that are authorized to publish legal notices like these – Less than a day. This procedure can be completed online.
  • File a request for the company’s registration at the Centre de Formalites des Entreprises – Less than 1 day. This procedure can be completed online.
  • Have the company books initialled by the clerk of the Commercial Court – 1 Day


Being able to complete certain procedures online makes things a lot faster and much easier for the investor. Some procedures can be performed simultaneously with other procedures which could save you time, and it is best to check with the local France company registration services professional you have enlisted to assist you with the process.

With our vast experience and knowledge when it comes to the taxation and company set up process, there is no better business partner to have on your side. Contact us for assistance and France company registration services guidance. Your next business venture awaits!