Afghanistan Company Registration Services

Are you planning to register a company in Afghanistan? How much do you know registering and setting up a company over there? Have you enlisted the help of a professional Afghanistan company registration services agency? These are all questions that you need to ask yourself before you set forth on your new business venture in the country of Afghanistan, especially if you are a foreign business person or entrepreneur.

Afghanistan Company Registration Services

Foreign investors need the help of a Afghanistan company registration services agency because unless they have lived in Afghanistan themselves for a significant period of time, it is unlikely that they are going to know the inner workings, ups and downs, pros and cons and everything that works or does not work in the business world. Business dealings in Afghanistan may not be the same as what they are used to in their own native country.

And that is where a company registration services agency will come in handy, a company like 3E Accounting who will be there from the very beginning to guide investors throughout their journey to make is as smooth a transition as possible. But first, let’s look at some of the advantages of starting a business in Afghanistan:


Benefits of Afghanistan Company Registration

The good news is, a company can easily be set up here with a minimum of one director and one shareholder in place, who can be of any nationality. Aside from that, some other benefits to opening a company over there include:

  • The country has an extensive supply of natural gas, goal, gold, petrol and many other valuable minerals and natural resources.
  • Afghanistan is also very strategically located close to China and Russia, two of the major economic markets within the region.
  • The country had an annual GDP growth rate of about 11%, which occurred between 2003 and 2015.
  • Companies and investors do get to enjoy a low corporate tax rate in Afghanistan. The corporate tax can be as low as 20%.
  • The government of Afghanistan is now more focused on improving the competitiveness of the economy through several business incentives which will be offered over the coming years.

There are also some drawbacks to starting a company in Afghanistan, because no country can be 100% after all. Some of the disadvantages to starting a business in the country include:

  • The country is not exactly the safest of destinations, having been at war since 2001, making it an unsafe jurisdiction for all those who are in the country.
  • It was ranked as the 2nd least peaceful country in the world, according to the annual Global Peace Index by the Economist.
  • Afghanistan is also a country of high corruption levels, which potential entrepreneurs should be made aware of that there may be an occasion or two when a bribe may be needed.
  • Property rights in Afghanistan are frequently disregarded.
  • Embezzlement is a common occurrence in the country.
  • Trade in Afghanistan can be expensive because of the customs system and high corruption levels among other things.
  • English is not as widely spoken as you may think.


Despite its drawbacks, Afghanistan is still a country that does have potential for the investor who has the right idea in mind. For more information and assistance in setting up a company, visit us at 3E Accounting today.