Ireland Company Registration Services

Though a small island, Ireland is one of the best places in the world to do business with a large export sector and a significant number of multinational corporations already established in the country. Ireland is one of the most advanced and competitive infrastructure and telecommunication sectors in Europe, with major investments made into its transportation networks and energy and water resources.


Ireland Company Registration ServicesWhy Investors Should Consider Ireland Company Registration

Among the reasons Ireland is considered as one of the top places in the world to do business are:

  • Ireland has a strong economic environment and a sophisticated consumer market that is ideal for doing business.
  • Ireland is home to a highly educated workforce.
  • Ireland’s economy is flexible and Small and Medium Sized Enterprises represent about 99.8% of the active enterprises in Ireland.
  • Ireland is the ideal place for investors and entrepreneurs who are looking to text the export markets because of the country’s open economy.
  • Ireland’s corporate tax rate is at 12.5%.
  • Ireland is a key technology hub in Europe.
  • For the first year or doing business, investors and entrepreneurs are can reduce their trading profits by expenditure incurred in the three years prior to commencement of the trade.
  • Investors and entrepreneurs who establish an LLC company in Ireland are exempt from VAT if at least 75% of the sales turnover arises from the export of goods.
  • Stamp duty relief in Ireland is available for transfers arising from corporate reorganisations and reconstructions.
  • Ireland has the second lowest corporate tax rate in the region, and a lower cost of living compared to a lot of other major European cities.


How to Establish a Registered Company in Ireland

Once investors have decided that Ireland is the way to go and they are keen on establishing a business, the next step in the process is to begin registering the company. To register a company in Ireland, this is what investors would need to do:

  1. Get in touch with the Companies Registration Office and file the necessary materials that are needed. The necessary documents here include the memorandum and articles of association, list of directors, secretary and subscribers, a statement of nominal and issued share capital, notice of the registered office, and a statement of the main business activities and the address of where the business is going to be carried out.
  2. Obtain a company seal with the Sealmaker. In addition to this, investors would need to note that the company must keep the statutory registers for the directors and shareholders.
  3. Investors would then need to go to the Revenue Commissioners department and register for the corporation tax, social insurance and VAT with department.

To establish a company in Ireland, investors would need to appoint one director that is a resident of Ireland or any of the other European Economic Area countries, or deposit a bond with the Irish Business Registrar.

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