Argentina Company Registration Services

Being the 25th largest economy in the world and the second largest economy in South America has helped Argentina cement its position as a desirable investment destination for investors who are looking for their next international venture. The high level of professional skills and sophisticated market and business culture are among the reasons why doing business in Argentina in something many investors are keen on pursuing.

With a high literacy rate of 97.4%, 47 public and 45 private universities throughout the nation, finding qualified skilled labourers to fill the necessary positions within a newly formed company is going to be no problem at all.


Argentina Company Registration and Set Up

Argentina Company Registration ServicesThe Limited Liability Company (LLC) business entity is a popular choice among small business setups in Argentina. LLC company registration in Argentina is subjected to corporate tax and other taxes which businesses will be required to pay. In addition, business owners will also be subjected to taxation on dividends and other income received from the company.

Argentina company registration is best done through enlisting the help of professional services agencies, especially for international investors to ensure that they get the most out of their investment and the company can be set up as efficiently as possible. In Argentina, 100% foreign ownerships of the company is allowed, and foreign investors will be required to either obtain a residency permit if they wish to work in Argentina as the company’s managing director, or opt to appoint a resident individual to fill the position.

Working with an Argentina company registration services agency, the company can be incorporated without the need for the investor to physically be there. As long as the company has a minimum of one director, the company can be established. Argentinian law requires that the company have a resident director, and if the investor does not plan to take on the role themselves, they must appoint a resident director in their place for the company formation to go ahead. The company is also required to have a minimum of two shareholders in place.

The details of the shareholders and director of the company will be available for public viewing in Argentina. When it comes to the annual tax return and/or the financial statements of the company, the company will be obliged to submit the documentation statements. Companies however, do not need to be audited.

Company registration in Argentina requires a minimal share capital of US$7,500 to be paid. An Argentinian company is also liable to pay a corporate tax rate of 35% on all of the company’s profits. There is also a standard VAT rate of 21% on most goods and services. Non-residents in Argentina will be charged a withholding tax of 21% on any earnings which are made in the country.

When it comes to double taxation treaties, Argentina has a limited number and the countries involved are Australia, Germany, Denmark, Canada and Chile.

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