China Company Registration Services

China is one of the world’s most successful economies. China is the largest country in the world, the largest population in the world and with over 160 cities consisting of more than a million inhabitants. That alone constitutes to its massive potential.

Investors are interested in registering a company in China because of its fast-growing consumer market. The result of this growth is an increase in the number of middle income consumers and the economy doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon.

As a potential investor in China’s market that is thinking about possibly registering a company in China, you would need to know what the top industries in China are. China’s strengths lie in the mineral fuels and oils sector, vehicles, plastics, organic chemicals, electrical machinery and equipment, mineral fuels and oils, machinery and mechanical appliances and more.


China Company Registration ServicesDoes China Company Registration Pose a Risk to Investors?

Of course it does. Like every other economic market in the world, China too comes with its own sets of challenges in the business world. As an investor, some of the challenges you can expect to face coming from China include the following:

  • A complex business culture and language barriers to add to that
  • Whether extremes across the country
  • High levels of pollution in certain urban centres
  • Large parts of the economy are still closed to full foreign participation
  • High level of competition, especially from well-resourced and positioned state-owned enterprises
  • Sourcing and retaining the right skilled workforce


China Company Registration – The Process

For investors who are keen on registering a company in China, below is a summarised overview of what the process looks like:

  1. Investor are required to obtain a pre-approval of the company name. The applicant would pick the name of the company and then seek to get it pre-approved by the local Administration of Industry and Commerce.
  2. The investor would need to register to be certified for the business license of enterprise legal person with the SAIC. The organisation code would be issued by the Quality and Technology Supervision Bureau and registration for both state and local tax with the tax bureau.
  3. The investor would then need to acquire approval to make the company seal from the police department.
  4. Once the investor has got the approval from the police, they can then proceed to make a company seal.
  5. The investor would then need to open a bank account for the company.
  6. The investor would then need to apply for the authorisation to print or purchase the financial invoices and receipts.
  7. The investor would need to purchase uniform invoices.
  8. Investor would need to file for recruitment registration with the local career services centre
  9. Investor would need to register with the Social Welfare Insurance Centre.

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