Israel Company Registration Services

Israel Company Registration Services

Out 189 countries in the world, the World Bank has rated Israel the 40th for the east of doing business. It’s growing economy, low inflation and unemployment have been some of the contributing factors as to why this country is doing so well economically. An economy that is doing well is always going to be in the eye of investors who are on the lookout for a new opportunity to grow their business or take it to the next level.


Why Choose Israel Company Registration?

Whether or not a country is set to thrive economically would depend heavily on the strengths that the market has to offer. Some business markets perform stronger than others for various reasons. When it comes to Israel, investors looking into this market would see it as a good bet for company registration because:

  • Israel is a growing economy and continues to grow every year. Israel has an annual growth of about 2-3% and this is expected to continue steadily.
  • The Shekel is a freely convertible currency, which is easy for investors to run a business in this region.
  • The government is also not heavily involved in the local businesses, which gives the business owner the flexibility of running their business in the way that they choose so long as it complies with the local laws and regulations.
  • Strong technical knowledge and entrepreneurship are also a major factor as to why Israel’s economy does so well and is enticing for investors.
  • Israel is a top market for a number of approved patents per capita, another factor which may be of interest to investors.


What Are the Disadvantages of Israel Company Registration?

Investors who are thinking about setting up a company in Israel would need to consider the possible obstacles that they might be up against when it comes to Israel company registration. Some of these disadvantages could include:

  • All companies would need to be audited on their annual tax returns and financial statements within five months after their fiscal year as long as they are doing business in Israel.
  • Israel is also ranked as the world’s 37th least corrupted country, and this is according to the 2014 Corruption Perceptions Index by Transparency International. This index is a global measurement of corruption amongst the public officials and politicians.
  • The corporate tax rate in Israel is at 27%.


Israel Company Registration

Registering a company in Israel would take approximately 12 weeks to be up and running, and this includes opening a bank account for the business. The good news about registering a company in Israel is the investor would only need to sign and courier documents over to the local professional company registration services they have appointed to help them set up the company to get the process going.

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