Finland Company Registration Services

As investors seek out new ventures across the globe, Finland has caught the eye of many as a potential investment because of the industrialized economic environment that it has to offer. Finland is also a world leader when it comes to word production, and a provider of raw materials for wood processing industries. In addition to its highly developed communication network, the country also excels when it comes to high-tech exports sector.

Finland Company Registration ServicesThe registration of a company requires the assistance of professional company registration services who are well versed with the local markets and laws, including the requirements and the steps which need to be taken in order to incorporate a company as quickly as possible.

Before the Finland company registration process can begin however, the first step that needs to be taken is deciding on which type of business entity a company is going to be registered as.


Types of Business Entities in Finland

When it comes to company registration in Finland, investors have the option of selecting from the following business entities. Investors should select the one that will meet the needs of all their business requirements to ensure maximum success:

  • Limited Company – This business option is established by having at least one member who holds a minimum share capital of the required 2500 Euros. This will be divided into shares which are not transferrable to the public. The major decisions in this business entity are made during the general meeting of the shareholders.
  • Public Limited Company – This option is suited for large businesses who have the minimum share capital of 80,000 Euro to invest in the business. The shares in this business entity can be listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange.
  • General Partnership – This entity option must comprise of at least two members who are called General Partners. Without the presence of the two, the business cannot be formed. While no minimum share capital is required for this option, all members are equally responsible for the debts and liabilities which are incurred. All profits are also equally shared between all the partners.
  • Limited Partnership – This entity too is formed by at least 2 partners, one of which must be a general partner. The general partner has the rights to decide the name of the business and claim the profits. The other partner is considered a silent partner, and this partner will not absorb any losses but has no power to make important decisions for the business, nor can he or she claim any company profits.
  • Sole Proprietor – This is the smallest form of business entity in Finland, and it is also known as a Private Person Carrying on Trade or Private Trader. In this instant, the owner and the business are one in the same, and they will not be considered as a separate legal entity. This means that the owner of the said business will be liable with their own assets for any debts that may be incurred by the business.

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