Seychelles Company Registration Services

Seychelles Company Registration ServicesWhen it comes to selecting a country to set up a new venture or business in, Seychelles in one country that is sure to make an appearance on the list of options to choose from. While the first thing that may come to mind when you think of Seychelles is white sandy beaches and palm trees, Seychelles is so much more than just an island paradise. It is also a thriving business hub for international investors.

Two of Seychelles’ main strengths lie in its tourism and fisheries industry. But over the years, the country has attracted more business investments which have contributed to the local economy.

Because the country welcomes foreign investments with open arms, the government has done its part and helped put many investments structures in place to facilitate these business ventures. And with the help of the Central Bank of Seychelles, investors are assured of financial security in all their investments, which keeps them coming back for more.


Why choose to register a company in Seychelles?

Because Seychelles has one of the fastest growing company registries worldwide. The minimal set-up costs and annual maintenance fees, and the high level of security has attributed to that.

When choosing to register a company in Seychelles, there is no need to pay an upfront deposit of paid-up capital. All Seychelles company registrations are also given the assurance that the profits and income of the business will not be subjected to taxes or duties.

Seychelles registered companies are also exempted from audited statements, annual report filings, reporting and accounting statements that usually need to be prepared when you set up a business in a country. The guaranteed confidentiality, privacy and anonymity which is backed up by the local law is the main pulling magnet for investors to get into this market and have their company registered in Seychelles.


How to start the Seychelles company registration process

To get started registering a company in Seychelles, the following steps in order need to be carried out:


  1. Submit your project memorandum. The first step is to get approval from the Government of Seychelles about the proposed business you plan to set up. To do so you would need to submit a memorandum to the Seychelles investment Bureau (SIB).
  1. Register the business. The second step of the process is to get the business registered.
  1. Obtain construction permission. This is applicable if your business is going to be involved in any type of construction work. You would need to get this approval from the Planning Authority Ministry of National Development.
  1. Occupational Safety and Hazard Inspection – This is applicable if your business is the type of business that is going to be involved in chemical processing.
  1. Apply for permits and licenses – You can apply for the necessary permits and licenses needed for the business from the Seychelles Licensing Authority (SLA).
  1. Register with the Social Security Trust Fund – This needs to be done within 7 days of the commencement of your business. This can be done through the Ministry of Finance.

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