Germany Company Registration Services

To register a company in Germany is to register at the heart of the EU. Why is Germany such an economic success? This is largely thanks to the SMEs in the country who have become the backbone of the economy and the government support through low-interest business loans which have made it easier for investors and entrepreneurs to establish an SME at both federal and state level.

In an attempt to reduce the pressure on businesses, the government has also provided recruitment and training support along with wage subsidies to entrepreneurs who are thinking about registering a company in Germany. Foreign firms are also able to freely transfer funds from abroad and convert them into the Euro, and goods which are imported into Germany may be stored in certain ports for free without incurring any duties.

Germany Company Registration ServicesGermany’s business environment is a friendly one, which is what makes it so appealing for investors who are enticed to register a company in Germany. Germany has been rated the 10th best in the world for the absence of corruption according to the Transparency International’s 2015 ranking of the country. A metropolitan country that is developing quickly, Germany is always welcoming and accepting towards foreign investments and talents who come in to contribute to the growth of the local market and the economy overall.

Be warned though, that the Germany company registration process could prove to be a very costly one with a high paid up capital amount imposed just to get the business started. Hiring of foreigners and non-EU citizen could also prove to be a challenge in Germany, because business are required to provide proof as to why they need to hire a particular candidate and why an EU citizen could not qualify for the role.

Every company that is registered in Germany would be required to pay 50% of each employee’s health insurance premiums, which can be a very costly thing to businesses owners. Foreign investors and entrepreneurs are also required to submit at least one contract for office space to the German embassy just to acquire visa approval.

Shareholders and directors who are interested in the limited liability company option for their German company registration do not necessarily need to be residing in Germany at the time. However, it is required that the company’s managing director travel to Germany to complete the registration process of the company.


9 Steps to Register a Company in Germany

Registering a company in Germany can be done in 9 steps:

  • Register a company name
  • Notarise the Articles of Association and the Memorandum of Association
  • Deposit the minimum capital
  • File the Articles of Association at the Notary Public and Commercial Register
  • Notify the local Office of Business and Standards of the company’s establishment
  • Register with the Professional Association of the relevant business
  • Notify the Labour Office of the company’s establishment
  • Register the employees for health and social insurance
  • Send the documentation to the Tax Office

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