Malta Company Registration Services

Why is Malta considered a good place for investors and entrepreneurs to do business? Because of Malta’s strategic location, which is close to the European and the African markets. Malta has also done an excellent job in creating the right economic environment that is well equipped to meet the demands of the growing global markets.


Malta Company Registration ServicesWhy Malta is Ideal for Company Registration?

Malta is an ideal place for company registration because of several advantages that the country has to offer, among them include:

  • Investors can rest assured of a stable credit rating
  • Malta is a member of the EU
  • Malta has a dedicated and well educated workforce
  • Malta also has close ties with Europe as well as North Africa
  • Malta has a modern development telecommunications system


Malta Company Registration – What Does the Process Involve?

The Malta company registration process would require investors and entrepreneurs to complete the following procedures:

  1. Reserve a company name which is unique to the business. Checking the availability of the company name can be done through the Registry of companies or in person.
  2. The memorandum and articles of association needs to be drafted by a lawyer, accountant or a registered corporate services provider.
  3. The pain-in minimum capital would need to be deposited in a bank.
  4. A Tax Identification Number would need to be obtained and companies would need to register at the Companies Registry. The documents that need to be submitted include the confirmation of the company’s name reservation, a signed memorandum and articles of association, a confirmation of the deposit of share capital and a copy of the passport or ID of each shareholder, director and company secretary.
  5. Acquire a trade license with the Trade Licensing Directorate.
  6. Registering for a VAT with the VAT Department.
  7. Obtain a PE number and register the employees with the Inland Revenue Department.
  8. Employees would need to be registered with the Employment Training Corporation.
  9. Register for data protection with the office of the Information and Data Protection Commissioner.

The advantage of a Malta company registration is that minimum share capital that is required for a company to be registered is only US$1,572. For a company to be registered in Malta requires a minimum of one director and two shareholders. The Malta company registration process can be completed in approximately 10 days as long as the documents have been submitted accordingly.

If registered properly, a registered company in Malta can prove to be a tax efficient entity when the company is being used as the headquarters of an international group. Registered Malta companies are also unlikely to be considered a tax-avoidance entity because the company will be required to submit annual audited account documentation.

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