Malaysia Company Registration Services

As Malaysia’s economy continues to grow and develop as the country progresses forward, it is no surprise that naturally Malaysia has attractive a growing interest in investors over the years. Currently the country already plays hosts to a wide range of international and local companies because of the numerous opportunities that are available in various fields of work.


Why Set Up a Business in Malaysia?

Malaysia Company Registration ServicesInvestors choose to set up a business in a certain country because of the benefits that the country has to offer. Among some of the reasons why Malaysia is becoming a popular choice include:

  • Malaysia is listed among the world’s major exporters because of the country’s natural resources.
  • Malaysia has been ranked by the World Bank as the sixth friendliest country in the world when it comes to doing business, beating out countries such as Australia and South Korea located within the surrounding region.
  • The regulatory environment in the country has made it more conducive for businesses to start and operate. An example of this would be the reduction cost of company registration, so starting a business here becomes less costly.
  • Because of its strategic location, Malaysia is one of the world’s top locations for offshore manufacturing and service based operations.


The Benefits of Running a Business in Malaysia

Some of the benefits of setting up a business in Malaysia include:

  • The availability of an educated and multilingual workforce. English is widely spoken here along with Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin.
  • Malaysia is located close to other major Asia Pacific economies.
  • The country has an excellent infrastructure and good transport systems.
  • Malaysia is a member of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN).


Malaysia Company Registration Process

The first step in the company registration process in Malaysia would be deciding what type of company you are going to be involved in. There are three basic types to select from – the Limited Liability Company (LLC), General Partnership and the Public Liability Company (PLC).

If you choose to open a branch office, that branch office would need to be registered with the Malaysian Trade Register, also known as the SSM. Once you have determined your company name is available, you would have to fill and submit the 13A form with the SSM.

Other documents which will need to be provided to the SSM include:

  • A memorandum of the company’s incorporation.
  • The original 13A form and a copy of the letter issued by SSM which certifies that the company name is available for use.
  • The company’s head office address and location plan.
  • Personal information of the shareholders.

Malaysia is a growing economy that is continuing to move forward. And while it may seem straightforward enough to register and start up a business in Malaysia, it is still always best to come prepared with knowledge and information on the procedures, legal and taxation framework. Especially if you’re an overseas company that is venturing for the first time in the business market here.

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