Chile Company Registration Services

Chile has the 2nd lowest corporate tax rate in Latin America at 20%, which is one of the factors that is making Chile such an enticing option for investors seeking to expand their business into the Latin American section of the market. Because of the low corporate tax rate, Chile is an even more interesting option than its neighbouring countries like Brazil and Argentina for example.

Chile Company Registration ServicesOther reasons why Chile is becoming an investment option for businesses who are thinking about Chile company registration include:

  • All export that come out of Chile are completely exempted from the customs duties and VAT costs. Even better is any customs duties and VAT incurred on inputs used in the production of exports will be reimbursed to the businesses.
  • Regional tax incentives are available to all resident businesses, which include a 17% tax rebate on available incomes from certain regions.
  • Chile is home to a growing middle class who have spending power.
  • Chile has an open economy system with no net national debt on the country.
  • Businesses would also get to enjoy a 25 year corporate tax exemption and import duty exemption for businesses which are involved in producing mining samples.
  • Chile has a double tax treaty system with 28 countries, including the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and South Africa. This treaty helps to reduce the withholding tax on dividends, interests and royalties imposed on foreign companies.
  • Chile has a well-developed financial market and economic structure in place to help businesses flourish and thrive in the local economy.


Chile Company Registration Process

To set out registering and incorporating a business in Chile, this is what investors would need to do:

  • Draft an online statutes of the company and obtain an authentication number from the Notary. Drafting of the articles of association can be done through a new online platform.
  • A notary would need to certify the statutes with a digital signature online.
  • Notice of initiation of activities would need to be given to the Internal Revenue Service online.
  • Print receipts and invoices would need to be printed in the authorised printing company. The requirement for the printing of these receipts would be to follow the format of the IRS for these documents. The printed documents would acquire a tax validity status.
  • Accounting books, invoices and other documents would have to be sealed at the IRS. The documentation can only be sealed after the tax registration number has been obtained.
  • Investors would need to acquire what is known as a “patente municipal” working license from the competent municipality.
  • The last step involves investors registering with the labour related accident insurance body at the Mutuales de Seguridad office.

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