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Business Potential

Montenegro is a country in South and Southeast Europe that receives a considerable amount of foreign direct investment due to its attractive property market. The economy is still developing at a steady pace and Montenegro is also a candidate country to enter the European Union (EU).


Montenegro Company Registration Procedures

Montenegro company registration procedures take up to two weeks and involve a number of pre and post-registration steps.

1. Certify the company’s founding agreements

Applicants will need to prepare company documents to be certified at the Basic Court of Montenegro and can also get certified copies at municipalities. There is also the choice of going to the Montenegrin Notary Chamber which also handles all notarization/certification matters. The total cost through a notary is usually 31 euros.

Take note, lawyers and other legal advocates are no longer authorized to handle the certification of corporate documents.

2. Verify the availability of the company name

Applicants can do this through the online website of the Central Registry of Business Entities of the Tax Administration (CRBE). The online name check is free of charge and applicants also have the option of reserving a company name for an additional fee.

3. Pay registration and publication fees

Before the Montenegro company registration procedure can begin, applicants will need to pay for the company registration and publication fees at a bank located outside the CRBE building. Proof of payment will then be required alongside other necessary documents for the company registration procedure.

4. Register the company

Applicants can submit their Montenegro company registration form to the CRBE office.

The following documents are:

  • Article of Incorporation
  • Founding Agreement signed by the notary;
  • Registration Form PS01 with the list of founders, the board of directors, company members and their identification information
  • Receipt of payment for registration and publication fees.

5. Make a company seal

Although there is no legal requirement for a company seal, it is commonly used in practice for legal transactions and authorities will also prefer to have seals on company documents. A company seal is also required to open a bank account.

Ordering a custom seal will cost from 30 to 40 euros and applicants may also receive it on the day it is ordered.

6. Open a bank account

Companies can choose a preferred bank and submit the following documents for opening a bank account:

  • Confirmation of company registration (validated copy)
  • Tax identification number (PIB) by the Tax Authority of Montenegro,
  • Photocopy of IDs of authorized persons of the company.

Additional documents may be necessary.


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