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Macedonia Company Registration ServicesRegistering a company in Macedonia may seem challenging but we can help guide you through it with our professional experience.


Business Potential

Macedonia is a country in Southeast Europe which has an open economy and attracts foreign investors due to its ultra-low taxes and reduction in bureaucratic red-tape.


Macedonia Company Registration Procedures

The Macedonia company registration procedures typically take two weeks and involve a number of pre and post-registration steps.

1. Open a bank account and deposit money

Applicants can open a bank account with any commercial bank of their choosing and deposit an initial sum for to use for registration costs later. All banks should link to the commercial registry.

2. Register the company

Company registration for most types of trade companies should happen at The Central Register of the Republic of Macedonia. The registration process includes registering with the Trade Register, the Public Revenue Office and the Tax Office.

However, it is important to note that Macedonian law dictates that the registration of limited liability companies (LLC) must process with the assistance of authorized registration agents have public authorization to prepare the necessary documents and forms required. They are also able to convert paper documents issued by other institutions into electronic form and assisting to complete the e-registration process in the name and on the behalf of applicant companies.

Once the company is formed, a formal formation notice will be posted on the Central Register’s website.

3. Register the company for Value-Added Tax (VAT)

Companies that achieve a turnover of over 1,000,000 denars are legally required to be registered for Value-Added Tax (VAT). Applicants will need to submit an application for VAT registration with form DDV-01 to the Public Revenue Office. Once this is done, the Public Revenue Office will conduct an internal review of the company and perform Public Revenue Office conducts an internal review of the company perform background checks on the applicant company before the VAT registration is approved.

Taxpayers who commence commercial activity during the calendar year must submit their VAT registration application within 15 days from the date they commence business.

4. Register employees with the Employment Agency

Companies registered in Macedonia will need to register in the Employment Agency by submitting a registration form which contains the following details:

  • Company’s name, address, and registration number
  • Employee’s name, surname, and ID number
  • Date of the employment agreement

The registration procedure can do either online through the Agency’s website or in person at any of the Employment Agency offices. The entire procedure will take up to one hour to complete.


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