Begin to Set Up a Business – Company Registration Services in Bulgaria

Company Registration in BulgariaBulgaria entices business owners of all kinds to its country because of its relatively easy to begin company registration services in Bulgaria. The economic stability of Bulgaria makes it a charm to anyone who wishes to set up a company there. Such an appeal could be the beginning of a successful enterprise in the land of Bulgaria.


What is in Bulgaria?

Well, for those who are familiar with Europe can take a guess. Bulgaria is an example of a country with multiple historical backgrounds and brilliance in a multitude of research and development. Bulgaria’s culture is a mix of old-folks legacy as well as a formal culture that led to the constitution of modern civilisation.


Setting Up a Business in Bulgaria

Currently, the corporate tax is at a flat rate of 10%. It does not matter how much a business makes, and every business entity would have to pay a tax of 10%. Setting up a business in Bulgaria is also easy, and if one can afford it, they can hire a local lawyer to set up the company on behalf of the owner. The attractive corporate tax rate in Bulgaria is one of the attributes business owners are drawn to set up their business in the Balkan peninsular. Then, as education is free and mandatory in Bulgaria and English is widely spoken here; hiring the local workforce will be a breeze.


Process of Company Registration in Bulgaria

When one decides to set up a business in Bulgaria, they will have to decide what type of business entity they want to register. There are several types of business commonly set up in Bulgaria, namely; Limited Liability Company, Joint Stock Company, limited partnership, sole proprietorship, branch office and free zone company. Next, decide on the name of the company. According to Bulgarian, business owners should take into account specific name parameters. After that, one would need to open a bank account in a Bulgarian bank to deposit the share capital of the company. A Bulgarian limited company can have a minimum paid-up capital of 2BGN (1 EURO). Next, the business registration would need a Bulgarian business address. Then, the business owner would have to register in the Official Commercial Register.

Company Registration in Bulgaria


Consult with Experts

Indeed, setting up and registering a business naturally a tedious process. In Bulgaria, it is reasonably straightforward. However, business owners preferring expert advice and help can do so by contacting us for such services. It would also ensure a better and smoother business setup.