Egypt Company Registration Services


Do you want to start a company in Egypt? One of the most common questions would be why should I register a company in Egypt and how will it benefit me? Egypt is a country with one of the largest populations among the Northern African and Middle-Eastern countries.

Having a large population is one of the main reasons setting up a company in Egypt is highly beneficial to companies, because of the large access to labor and the significant opportunities and potential that a much larger market can offer.

Egypt Company Registration Services

Company registration in Egypt can easily be done within 2 months provided all the relevant documents are in order. Setting up a company in Egypt is easy enough, all you would need is:

  • One Egyptian director
  • 2 shareholders who can be of any nationality
  • A registered address
  • A capital of US$1,000 to start off

In Egypt, the official language is Arabic, but the majority of the business people who are based over in Egypt are fluent and proficient in English, which makes it easy to communicate for business dealings. Labor is also affordable, which is beneficial to companies.


Is It Easy for Foreign Investors to Register a Company in Egypt?

Yes, it is with the proper guidance and assistance from company registration services agencies like 3E Accounting, who are dedicated to helping clients successfully establish a company in the shortest amount of time as efficiently as possible.

You’ll be pleased to know that most of the industries in Egypt are open to foreign investment, and there is no local or national ownership requirement for this to take place.

To start a company in Egypt however, does require the appointment of a director who is local.


What Type of Company Business Entities Are Available for Starting a Business in Egypt?

There are several types of business entities in Egypt which investors can choose from, depending on their business needs and which option would be best suited for the kind of business set up they have in mind. Among the most common types of business entities in Egypt include:

  • Limited liability company
  • Joint stock company
  • Representative offices
  • Branch offices


What Do I Need for Egyptian Company Registration?

Aside from enlisting the help of a professional registration services agency, as an investor, you would need the following requirements fulfilled for the successful incorporation of your company to take place:

  • Reserve a name for the company
  • Ensure all the incorporation forms have been signed accordingly
  • Acquire and office space in Egypt and lease it
  • Register for tax and social security
  • Secure all the necessary business licenses which are needed (if any)

Once you have all of these prepared, you’re all set to begin your Egypt company registration process.

Ready to get started on your next business venture in Egypt? We are here to help you get the most benefit out of the process. For more information about our Egypt company registration services, please contact us at 3E Accounting today and we will be happy to assist.