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Why Venture Overseas?

If you’re an entrepreneur and still not sure about going global, then here’s a quick look at why most business owners are seeking to venture out overseas:

Economic Sustainability

Ensure Economic Sustainability

Overseas investment is a good way for entrepreneurs to create employment for their staff and increase shareholder value. This truly helps in supporting and ensuring economic sustainability of their country, especially in today’s unstable and uncertain global environment.

Improve Financial

Improve Financial Bottom-Line, Experience More Profits

Global expansion is a great strategy to penetrate into new markets and geographical regions, and cater to the target audience in new areas which helps significantly improve the financial bottom line. Did you know that according to the Global Challengers study report that was published by the BCG, companies from emerging economies like Singapore grew 3X faster as compared to global peers? The success was attributed to rapid internationalisation focused on expanding market reach as well as building scales.

World Economy

Power the World Economy

The emerging markets have truly become drivers of the world economy. And this has allowed several emerging companies to tap and capitalise on new opportunities, establishing themselves as internationally competitive companies.


Become Future-Ready for the Emerging Global Environment

For any country to grow economically and enjoy unmatched stability, global expansion is important. By capturing new markets now, companies can become future-ready for the emerging global environment. In fact, did you know that an emerging economy like Singapore has already made over 400 billion Singaporean Dollars investment overseas in cumulative DIA (Direct Investment Abroad)?

Multiple Ways Offered for Companies to Go Global

Here are several ways/modes of taking your business overseas:

Joint Venture

As the name suggests, this mode of going global emphasizes on forming a strategic alliance between 2 or more parties. This joint venture is usually formed to share assets, markets, knowledge and also profits, that too, without transferring the ownership to one particular party in the joint venture. This truly helps smaller companies and start-ups partner with industry giants to compete in a better way and create their presence in newer and competitive markets.

Licensing and Franchising

Franchising is another mode of going global. This focuses on the combination of innovation and technical expertise of 1 party with the investment and energy of another party. The franchising agreement generally includes marketing support, mentoring, and training of the franchisee and the franchisor’s trademark and logo rights.

In comparison to the franchising agreement, the licensing agreement gives the company license to make & sell products but this is without censure. However, why many entrepreneurs seeking expansion overseas opt for licensing agreement more as compared to franchising agreement is that the first investment amount and also, the on-going charges, are lesser.


Businesses, who don’t want to setup operations overseas but wish to create a strong foothold in the international market, can consider exporting their products globally. This helps in growing profits, spreads risk and helps them enter new regions and markets.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions, also known as M&A, involve buying or selling or combining different companies together. Businesses often merge with large companies or acquire small companies to establish a strong market presence or improve operational efficiencies.

ODI (Overseas Direct Incorporations)

ODI is a strategy that helps local businesses expand their operations overseas and tap into new markets by creating branch offices, subsidiary companies or representative offices. Though governing regulations vary from country to country, nonetheless, overseas direct incorporations do have their own advantages.

CEM (Contractual Entry Modes)

CEM refers to business agreements like co-research, co-sales, co-production, project-based arrangements and distributorship agreements. Under co-sales, two or more companies assist each other to sell their products in their local markets. On the other hand, agreements like, the project based arrangement, basically include large scale and industry wide, government to government and government to private projects.

Partner With Us at Venture-overseas.com

At Venture-overseas.com, we continuously strive to help local business owners, (be it a start-up or a medium sized enterprise) venture into newer markets and establish their operations overseas. And to deliver what we promise, we offer entrepreneurs quality guidance and information that they need to not only identify but also tap into new business expansion and growing opportunities overseas.

Maximise Opportunities

We provide you with reports and information guides to help you explore & learn about different global markets across all continents, including Africa, Asia Pacific, North and Latin America and Europe. Whether you want to expand your operations in Kenya, Brazil, the US, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, Germany, Turkey or the UK, we have the information and market reports that you need to evaluate and analyze the market potential and discover the world of business growing possibilities and profit maximising opportunities overseas.

Discover Potential Market

At Venture-overseas.com, we help you make wise and informed business expansion decisions. Browse through our website to access case-studies about different markets and business sectors, publications, news and a lot more. Discover which market has the potential and what market should you tap into, to grow your business.

So, what are you waiting for? Make your business expansion decision wisely. Get all the information you need to select a potential market. Remember a wise and informed decision can make all the difference.

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